Thursday, December 07, 2006


Company Intangibles: Perks

Hello Michigan students. I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving break and are gearing up for final exams. Anyone heading to the Rose Bowl? I know, I know, we should be going to Glendale, Arizona. I already had a place to stay out there, so count me in as one of the more disappointed Michigan fans.

Back to business...

Previously, when I wrote about my company’s volunteer program, I touched on the benefits and perks of working at a large company. I imagine all firms have similar benefits programs for medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, pre-tax spending accounts, etc. But, I have a few examples of nice incentives that I have observed at my own company and other firms around New York City that fall outside of the standard benefits package. At most major Financial Services companies that I know people at, we all seem to have some or all of these added perks:





Philanthropy/Volunteer Opportunities:

I bet small and mid-sized companies also offer these perks, but it seems like larger companies are more likely to have the resources and budget to support them. These incentives are a nice intangible asset to have at one's own company, so when you are at your final round interviews at the actual office locations of a particular firm, try to check out the possible perks that you see in the builiding and surrounding area. A free gym membership, discounted dry cleaning, and subsidized meals can go a long way in saving you money.

M Go Blue. Beat U$C.

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