Monday, October 09, 2006


The Weekly Michigan Reunion (of sorts)

On Saturday afternoon, I returned to a familiar locale. It could be argued that Michigan football's New York home is Park Avenue Country Club, or PACC, (E. 27th Street @ Park Avenue). While this sports bar is certainly not a country club, and definitely not my favorite sports bar by any means, it is one of those places that feels like home away from day per week. I felt that the most comforting aspect of living in Ann Arbor was the community aspect of being around fellow Michigan students and supporters wherever I went, from the Section 29 Row 1 bleachers of Michigan Stadium to the back patio of Dominick's to the hills of the Arb and even within the cereal aisles of Meijer. PACC exudes a similarly comforting atmosphere as it is where as many as 400 Michigan alumni and fans unite every Saturday afternoon/evening to watch Michigan football games. Naturally, I will run into old friends and former classmates at PACC who have made their way to New York as well. It never ceases to amaze me how large your network can be just because you went to Michigan and you (hopefully) know other people who went to Michigan as well. Sure, I plan to go watch the game with x amount of friends on any given week, but the best part about going to any Michigan event in New York is the possibility, and probability, of running into people you did not expect to see. Here is a sampling of Michigan grads that I unexpectedly ran into at PACC, and how I knew them back at Michigan:

I will not claim that what I just wrote is coherent. But, I sort of wrote those descriptions of my encounters in the same language that I would speak about them as if you were standing right here next to me in order to emphasize the randomness of how I met some of my friends while at Michigan. Wouldn't you say that you have similar stories about meeting your Michigan friends?

Anyway, if you find yourself in New York during football season, drop by PACC and you might just find yourself reuniting with old friends and acquaintances that you walked through the fountain with at orientation or met at your first Detroit Project mass meeting. Heck, if you knew Amani Toomer, you might get lucky and see him at PACC watching his old team play.

Well, I am heading to State College, PA this weekend to see the Michigan-Penn State game in Beaver Stadium. I have no doubt that I will see some familiar faces at the game, and I will spend a lot of time figuring out how I met them while we were all students at U of M. Reunions are the know, like the Real World San Diego reunion.

M Go Blue. Beat Penn State.

hilarious. I used to live in NYC before I came back to UMich for bschool...I totally hate the PACC (OVERPRICED), but went because it was really fun being surrounded by that. And I definately had several "I know you through this person who knows this person..." moments! ah, memories. (ps I am also an alumni blog person that's how I found your page).
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